We work to build engaged, aligned Client-Agency working relationships.

Performance Evaluation

Fyshe & Associates builds and monitors successful working relationships using proven, disciplined methodology based our unique EWP system, analytic tools, industry leadership and forward planning methodologies.

Action Planning Workshops

Find real, actionable business solutions to issues uncovered through the EWP  performance evaluation process. A series of unique follow-through planning workshops.

C-level Training & Coaching 

When relationship gaps are beyond the scope of EWP, Fyshe & Associates offers a suite of partner-led executive Training and Coaching modules aimed at getting the best out of working relationships.

About Us

Fyshe & Associates works to develop sustainable, long-term business growth by helping build engaged, aligned Client-Supplier relationships, fostering a strong, responsive culture based on trust.

Our proprietary EWP system is a key tool in a neutral, third party Relationship Management & Performance Evaluation service that provides critical insights to help strengthen these Client-Supplier working relationships, and delivers significant efficiencies and improved productivity in both organizations.

Fyshe & Associates’ unique agency benchmark knowledge-base, developed from over 10 years of hands-on practice, is matched to EWP results to develop forward-looking plans for an ongoing, productive Client-Supplier relationship and used in our series of unique workshops, offsites and C-level Coaching Training.

Our goal is to uncover issues that may be draining energy and derailing the effectiveness of a relationship, and then find solutions that foster a more productive partnership.
The best client-agency relationships stem from a full, two-way marketing partnership, and the best clients get the best work from their agency partners.

Our Services

Performance Evaluation

We gather quantitative data to isolate relationship strengths and development needs. Together, with Client-Supplier deliverables, comparison to key relationship benchmarks and our industry experience, an objective assessment of the areas that are working well, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

If an important relationship gap surfaces, we offer an a-la-carte menu of responsive Action Planning Workshops and Training/Coaching modules to help our clients address the issues.

Whether measuring or monitoring new or existing Client-Supplier relationships, the purpose of our Performance Evaluation service is to generate actionable data to help build long term, sustainable, business growth plans and establish objective benchmarks.

C-level Training & Coaching Modules

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Individual Counselling
  • Innovative Solutions Workshops
  • Conflict Management

There are times when the gaps between individuals and groups require more intervention. Fyshe & Associates offers the modules above on a cost for services basis.



Action Planning Workshops

A facilitated, comprehensive assessment - with key stakeholders - of the issues uncovered by the performance evaluation process, designed to carefully define the issue, generate solutions, and assign responsibility & timing.

Develop real, actionable solutions to issues uncovered through the performance evaluation process through a series of unique, follow-through planning workshops designed to assist in building engaged, aligned working relationships, that foster a responsive culture based on trust.

Other options targeted to more specific obstacles facing company growth:

Strategic Offsites
Is your organization facing specific obstacles to business growth? Your senior staff will benefit from a focused, results oriented workshop facilitated by one of our trained senior Fyshe & Associates partners aimed at generating strategic development and actionable implementation plans.

Creative Problem Solving
Our unique “mini-MBA” workshops based on the “art of creative problem solving” will assist key executives to develop real skills by guiding them in the development of group consensus on problem definition, innovative, and actionable solutions creation using current company issues.

Our Partners

Mike Fyshe

Mike Fyshe has been involved in the marketing industry for more than 30 years, leading many successful, high profile communication campaigns at several of Canada’s largest agencies, with clients including Molson, Heineken, Amstel, Bauer, Chrysler, Ford, TSN, Pepsi, HFL and Campbell’s.

Mike worked within the BBDO network for over eleven years, the last three as the CEO of Canadian operations. During his time as CEO, the Agency won nine new business pitches and was a recognized leader in the commercial creative industry, with outstanding performance in domestic and international awards shows.

During his business career, Mike has been recognized for his managerial and senior leadership skills, and was very proud of the management team he built at BBDO Canada, including the relationships that the company enjoyed with its clients.

His desire for an effective and productive relationship management tool is what drove Mike to develop Effective Working Partnerships, a system used to strengthen working relationships between companies and their service providers by identifying gaps in responsibilities and deliverables. Fyshe & Associates relationship management services are implemented with clients throughout North America.

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Ron Mandel

Ron Mandel graduated as a civil engineer, but it was during his master’s program where he was introduced to teamwork and lateral thinking. That began his development and passion for creativity and marketing. He went on to be trained by Synectics, a pioneer in the field of creativity, and subsequently conducted their 5-day creativity program for many years.

Ron has been a catalyst for organizational change for more than 30 years, consulting in many sectors in Canada, the United States, Europe and China. In his marketing and training capacities, he has helped thousands of individuals and organizations become more innovative in their work and the way they approach obstacles, including Michelin Tire, Levi Strauss, GlaxoSmithKline, Labatt, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Yves Rocher cosmetics and Zappos to name a few.

Ron believes that one common ingredient for success comes from people working together to create ideas they believe in and that make a difference. Building a culture that fosters innovation means putting people first and insuring that they are learning, appreciated and trusted. Innovation flourishes when people are given the permission to contribute and when their fledgling ideas are protected, and the nuggets within those ideas are nurtured. Then people can tap their intuitive minds and innovative ideas can be unleashed and molded into breakthroughs.

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